Sphynx Cattery

Sphynx Cattery

Canadian Sphynx cattery BIG ADAMAS in Novokuznetsk

Our Canadian Sphynx cattery is registered in two systems of the World Cat Federation (WCF) Reg. No. 17816-2018 and the International Felinological Association (MFA) Reg. No. 2412 / RU. We are members of the felinological center “Sarabi” in Novokuznetsk, as well as members of the club “Asia” Novosibirsk. Cattery are engaged in professional breeding of Canadian sphinxes. For sale kittens with delivery worldwide.

Our kittens go to a new home not earlier than 3 months of age. By this time, they are fully accustomed to the tray and scraper, have all the necessary documents: a veterinary passport and pedigree, vaccinated and chipirovannye.

Our manufacturers regularly participate in cat shows, each time receiving high marks from the judges. Thereby confirming their right to breed.

We are responsible for the health of our cats. Thus our cats are tested annually.
In the Documents  section you can see certificates and diplomas.

The advantages of buying kittens in cattery Big Adamas:

first and most important, the kittens is healthy and checked for the absence of diseases;
– degelmentized and vaccinated by age;
– the presence of a microchip will protect your pet in case of loss, and makes it easy to travel the world;
– participation in exhibitions, prizes and opinions of various experts confirm the sign of the breed
– our kittens are one of the best representatives of the Canadian Sphynx breed.

So, get acquainted, our manufacturers:

Gr.Int.Ch Bella von German, date of birth 03/20/2016 

Color blue point with white / bicolor (SPH a33 03) HCM, FiV / FelV negative


Heops General Int.Ch. Color n31. HCM, FiV/FelV negative
Barbara NataliDi-Mon Amour. Canadian sphynx. Color n03. HCM, FiV/FelV negative.